jurlmap - RESTful urls for java

What is jurlmap

A Java library for enabling your webapps to have clean, REST like urls.

Some features are:

  • Simple pattern language for brevity and convenience
  • Direct binding of parameters to bean properties or method parameters
  • Configuration in plain java and annotations. No need for external configuration artifacts
  • Implemented as a Filter for easy integration with your existing app or framework

How to use it

Here are some url pattern examples:

protected void configure() {
    // In this pattern $ means a string, which when matched 
    // is bound to parameter `Username` and control forwarded to profile.jsp
    // Parameter will be accessible via request.getParameter()
    forward("/profile.jsp", "/profile/$Username");

    // Here % means integer pattern and * means until end of the pattern.
    // Binds integers to parameter ArticleId and forwards to article.jsp
    forward("/article.jsp", "/article/%ArticleId/*");

    // When matched will send a redirect back to browser and parameters
    // are appended to query string so in this case the target will
    // be `/servlets/profileservlet?Username=...`
    redirect("/servlets/profileservlet", "/member/$Username");

    // On match creates an instance eof LoginPage and calls it's service method
    // LoginPage class implements com.pagegoblin.jurlmap.Page.
    // If it is annotated with a @Deploy(url) annotation
    // the we don't need to pass a url to the deploy method.
    // In this case parameters are bound to bean properties or fields 
    // of the newly created LoginPage instance.

Detailed info and more advanced use cases can be found in the manual.


jurlmap is licensed under the LGPL


The source code is also available on github: https://github.com/mtomis/jurlmap